Tips for Travel Nurses in Georgia

1. Get to know your community. It’s important to learn about the area you relocate to, understanding the demographics will help you settle in and can improve you’re your experience immensely.
Visit Georgia 
Check out travel tips, discover adventure and find entertainment.
Best Places:  
Learn about climate, crime, schools and cost of living.
Georgia Cities  
Find out about the different areas in Georgia and what each place has to offer.
Driving in Georgia:  
Find driving directions and keep up to date on traffic alerts throughout Georgia.  
2. Prepare Your Paperwork 
In a travel nursing career it’s really important to be organized. Always keep your documents together, and keep spare copies of any documents that you send to your travel company before you leave. Your staffing advisor from your agency will advise you about what documents you need to provide and will guide you through the completion process. Remember that good communication with your staffing advisor is crucial as they are a valuable resource and will explain how to get your license, and help you find any classes or new immunizations that you may need.
3. Understanding the Details of your Assignment 
Make sure before you sign your contract you ask the right questions and confirm your assumptions: 

  • Pay Scale: This is obviously an important factor, for some the most important. Make sure you area aware of the pay details such as overtime pay.
  • Float Policy: If you are skilled in several different areas you may need to state clearly in your contract if you are willing to float and in which fields.
  • Health and Benefits: Remember to ask who your insurance providers.  It also helps to find out beforehand which nearest health facilities can cover you.
  • Accommodation: Don’t hesitate to research about crime and community safety. Find out about traffic, school districts and local amenities.
  • Re-location fees: Ask about reimbursement of travel and re-location fees.
  • Length of assignment: Different agencies offer a range of assignment lengths- some lasting between 3 to 6 months, some can be extended. 

4. Take Advantage of your Free Time 
Georgia has an abundance exciting places to visit and a diverse range of indoor and outdoor activities to participate in during your free time. Whether you’re looking for dining, sailing, a shopping spree, camping or a tranquil walk amidst beautiful natural surroundings, Georgia has it all to offer. Here are links to some helpful sites: 
Georgia Entertainment: Keeps you up to date on entertainment from the rolling foothills of the Appalachians to the gentle coastlines.  
Georgia Dining: Find that perfect place to eat, whatever you’re in the mood for.   
Roadside Georgia: Offers suggestions for some off-beat places to visit in Georgia from the world’s largest peanut to the big chicken. 
Atlanta Action: Suggests 50 fun things to see and do in the city of Atlanta. 
Georgia National Parks: Explore the Peach State’s natural parks and trails.  
Georgia Historic Sites: Visit the wealth of historic sites throughout the state.  
City Data: A great forum for people considering moving to Georgia. 
5. Prepare For the Holidays
As a traveling nurse it’s important to consider where you want to be during the holidays. Take into account whether you want to be close to family and friends and negotiate these conditions when you are looking for an assignment.  
Maintain a Positive Outlook
Keep a positive outlook throughout your assignment. Remember that you are part of a team, maintaining an eager and flexible outlook will make your experience more enjoyable and rewarding. When you fully utilize your resources, your travel nursing experience will be an enjoyable experience.